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10 reasons why you should work for Mack

Pay-Team Drivers make up to $4,800 weekly - split,  after all expenses. Solo Drivers make up to $1,750 a week after all expense.

Owner Operator Pay-Team Drivers Gross up to $10,00 weekly, Solo Drivers Gross up to $5,000 weekly.

Equipment-All Trucks are 2015-2019 models. (Freightliner Cascadia & Volvo).

Home Time-You’ll get the breaks you need and the time with your family that you deserve.

Service-24/7 Road side Service in all 48 states. 

Fuel discounts-Wholesale pricing up to 50 cent off per gallon.

Driver Managers-Best in the business 24/7 available. They will go above and beyond to make sure their driver/owners are successful.

Weekly Statements- Direct deposit into bank accounts.

Successful Lease Purchase Program- Drivers that want to become truck owners we make it easy. zero down, no credit checks.

Family orientated company- Become a partner with us, allow us make you successul.


California CDL Jobs


Trucking industry wages paid in California exceeded $30.3 billion, with an average annual industry salary of $57,680. Mack Trucking average driver salary exceeded that.  California CDL Jobs have the most freight outbound and it’s not even close. Mack Trucking can get you to any state and pay very well in the process.  Our experienced team of dispatchers perfected the art of routing and dealing with stressful situations so that you don’t have to. We look forward to seeing you be a part of our family.

California CDL jobs are in high demand.  Finding the right company to work with your needs is the most important aspect.  Here at Mack Trucking, we put an emphasis on serving your needs.  Whether you like to   load heavy/light, night/day time, team/solo, or flatbed/dry van, we cater to your needs. It’s our obligation to make sure you make the money you’re promised.  Jobs in the industry are easy to come by. However, working for a company that pays great attention to detail that looks forward to your success is rare.

Mack Trucking is offering California CDL Jobs to qualified drivers. Our team will take care of all your needs from 24 hour dispatch to expert routing. Our goal here is to see you make the money in order to live a comfortable life.  Being a truck driver is not an easy job; however our mission is to make the process exciting while having financial stability.

New advances in technology are greatly enhancing the life of California CDL Jobs.  Mack Trucking can track how fast the truck is moving as it is moving,  how long it has been on the move,  fuel economy,  idle time,  engine rpm,  and more!  It is amazing what has come and what is coming soon!  Fortunately for our drivers, these things are in place in order for our drivers to be more efficient.