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10 reasons why you should work for Mack

Pay-Team Drivers make up to $4,800 weekly - split,  after all expenses. Solo Drivers make up to $1,750 a week after all expense.

Owner Operator Pay-Team Drivers Gross up to $10,00 weekly, Solo Drivers Gross up to $5,000 weekly.

Equipment-All Trucks are 2015-2019 models. (Freightliner Cascadia & Volvo).

Home Time-You’ll get the breaks you need and the time with your family that you deserve.

Service-24/7 Road side Service in all 48 states. 

Fuel discounts-Wholesale pricing up to 50 cent off per gallon.

Driver Managers-Best in the business 24/7 available. They will go above and beyond to make sure their driver/owners are successful.

Weekly Statements- Direct deposit into bank accounts.

Successful Lease Purchase Program- Drivers that want to become truck owners we make it easy. zero down, no credit checks.

Family orientated company- Become a partner with us, allow us make you successul.


Trucking companies in California

Are you tired of not being compensated for what your worth? Are you not getting enough miles and sitting around for freight? Are you spending too much time at the repair shop instead of running miles? Is the ELD mandate not allowing you to make timely pickups and deliveries due to dispatch not having log knowledge? Is your voice not being heard by your company? Is the ELD mandate cutting in your bottom line? Are brokers cheating you out of your rates?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for a change.

At Mack Trucking we have overcame all these concerns drivers may have, call us and ask us how we do it different than other Trucking companies in California.  Honesty is what we believe in, and success is what we build.  By becoming a driver and or owner operator for Mack trucking you will see an increase in your pay whether you’re driving 8,000 miles a month or 13,000 miles a month. Our average company driver makes anywhere from $6000 a month upwards to $8000 a month, and for our Owner operators they gross up to $20,000+ a month.  Call us and ask us how and will be more than happy to explain.

Has anyone ever explain to you what Market based dispatch means? If you interested in over the road work or dedicated freight we have options that will give you a piece of mind.  If you are behind in payment and your settlements don’t look right at your current employer, give us a call and we will be more than happy to go over them with you and see if we can do better. Remember honesty is what we believe in so we will not hire you if we don’t believe that we can do better. This is a free service that other trucking companies in California will not do, so give us a call you have nothing to lose.

Do you receive any fuel discounts at the current company you work for? Do you get paid extra for being an above average driver? Do you receive fuel incentives for being fuel efficient? 

If you have answered no to any of these question then it time to connect with us and allow us to take your professional Trucking career to the next level.