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10 reasons why you should work for Mack

Pay-Team Drivers make up to $4,800 weekly - split,  after all expenses. Solo Drivers make up to $1,750 a week after all expense.

Owner Operator Pay-Team Drivers Gross up to $10,00 weekly, Solo Drivers Gross up to $5,000 weekly.

Equipment-All Trucks are 2015-2019 models. (Freightliner Cascadia & Volvo).

Home Time-You’ll get the breaks you need and the time with your family that you deserve.

Service-24/7 Road side Service in all 48 states. 

Fuel discounts-Wholesale pricing up to 50 cent off per gallon.

Driver Managers-Best in the business 24/7 available. They will go above and beyond to make sure their driver/owners are successful.

Weekly Statements- Direct deposit into bank accounts.

Successful Lease Purchase Program- Drivers that want to become truck owners we make it easy. zero down, no credit checks.

Family orientated company- Become a partner with us, allow us make you successul.


Trucking jobs Victorville


Mack Trucking has been in operating over a decade and wants to take your career to the next level.  If you live in Los Angeles and you are looking for trucking jobs Victorville, then you came to the right place. Mack is in search for Class A Drivers that consider safety first. Trucking in the United States is not an easy job and at Mack Trucking we know what it takes, and all the sacrifices drivers make while being out on the road.  Being away for weeks at a time is no easy task and we feel you deserve fair compensation. Unfortunately, most companies don’t understand this philosophy. Once you work for Mack trucking you will see the difference your levels of happiness and finances.

Then key to success for trucking jobs Victorville is being in newer units with little to no breakdowns. As supposed to waiting around at a shop getting your truck repaired. If you have experienced this one too many times, then it’s time to work for Mack. We work directly with freightliners and Volvos and spec out our trucks for maximum fuel efficiency while adding on all the bells and whistles.

At Mack Trucking, we offer trucking jobs Victorville the opportunity to grow with us professionally. We are looking for reliable and professional class A drivers to join our family orientated company. Come start your new career with us and let us show you why Mack Trucking will be the last trucking company you work for. Mack Trucking is a trucking company that evolves and thrives in today’s technologically world. Having more than three thousand five hundred customers and shippers nationwide, this will make it easy for us to make sure your truck is always rolling. Mack Trucking has bright group of driver managers also known as dispatchers that are trained in understanding the rates and driver success. Our driver managers will go above and beyond to make sure our driver’s expectations are always met.